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Hi Everybody! (Hi! Dr. Nick!)

Welcome to the LiveJournal community for the fall semester digital compositing class at Florida Atlantic University's Ft. Lauderdale campus.

You should consider this community, and all of LiveJournal, as a termendous resource in your work this fall. Because we will have some new LJ users here, let me explain some things about how this works.

What is LiveJournal?

Create a Free LiveJournal Account:

Go to the community info and click to join the community. Membership is open so you will be able to post to the community immediately.

How to post to the community
Make sure you are logged in to LiveJournal. Go to the update page, http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml and click the more options button at the bottom of the entry window. The first optional setting listed is "journal to post in". Select fau_digicomp from the drop down menu as the journal to post in. Write your entry in the text window, and click "update journal". It's that easy.

I typically check my correspondence multiple times daily. If it's 2 AM and you are having a problem, post it. There is a good likelihood I will have a reply to you before morning. I'm a night owl.

Replies are made by clicking on "leave a comment".

I encourage you to reply to each other's entries! This is not just Q&A for me to help you. Discuss ideas, experiments, and techniques amongst yourselves. If you know a solution to a posted problem, post it! Discuss the various ways one could approach it. Use it to your fullest advantage. I will read and comment on every entry. Every reply to me will go to my email and every reply I send you will go to the email box you have specified on your personal account.

Another thing here you will find extremely useful is the interests links off the community info. As I develop the userinfo I will post in it links to specific communities you may want to join in addition to this one. There are some great digital artists on LiveJournal, and some great communities devoted to our arts. Most of them will be happy to critique as well as give helpful hints and advice if you post queries to their communities too. And by reading these communities regularly you will also gain insight from the work others share and the discussions of the industry.

The syllabus and other helpful posts will be logged in the memories section of this blog. To access them go to the userinfo and click the heart shaped icon above the info section.

Once a week I will post an overview of what we covered in class that week. Handy for review and also if you miss a class to see what you missed out on.

I hope you all enjoy this dynamic online interface I have chosen to use to maximize the potential and resources offered in this course.
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