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Review for Thursday

Today we will be going over the filter menu.

Thursday is our third of four mini-projects for the semester. Don't forget these each count as 10% of your final grade in the class! Everyone has done really well on the first 2 projects, but we do have some B's floating around out there. The bonus portion on Thursday is your chance to pull one of those B's up to an A! So make sure you spend your time between now and Thursday preparing and getting comfortable with the following requirements. I know you can all do brilliantly! There's a lot of talent in this class. Preparation will let you show it off better.

For Thursday's Mini-Project You Will Need to Include:


1. At LEAST 3 layers
2. At LEAST one keyframed node from the transitions menu
3. At LEAST one keyframed node from the color menu
4. At LEAST one keyframed node from the filters menu
5. At LEAST one matte

If you have been short a requirement on any previous mini-projects, here will be your chance to make it up. I will raise a previous grade by that point if you provide me a keyframed warp node in this mini project. If you need the point it will be applied to the previous grade you need it for. If you don't need the point it will be socked away in case you need it between now and the end of the semester. You can't get higher than an A on paper, so if you don't ever end up needing it your reward will be having one more trick in your bag.

/hardass mode
Note the places above where I say KEYFRAMED. I let everyone slide last week on that. I will not be doing so again. You will only recieve half credit for a node that is not keyframed where you have been asked to keyframe one. You have been advised of this now so no complaining later.
/hardass mode
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